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Alan McElroy

Bad Gigs

Alan is an award-winning Irish comedian, actor, content creator, and MC. He was recently nominated for Best MC at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards. Alan hosts Bad Gigs, a podcast where fellow comedians talk about some of their worst gigs.

Cam Schuster

WesWes Network

Cam Shuster created the WesWes Network, a West Auckland-based podcast group where ‘Polynesian people share their ideas, expertise, interests, & perspectives’. There are currently 13 shows in the WesWes stable, covering pop culture, sport, & daily life.

Danny McCrum

Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Danny McCrum is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music producer. He is the producer & co-host of Don’t Give up your Day Job, a podcast that aims to give people an insight into the careers of creative professionals.

Helen King

The C Word Radio

Helen King hosts The C Word Radio podcast, a show for young cancer survivors to share their stories and connect through lived experience. She also runs HK Productions, a podcast strategy & management company.

Justin Gregory


Justin Gregory is Senior Producer, Podcast & Series at RNZ. He produced the multi award-winning podcasts White Silence and Gone Fishing. Justin has been a feature producer and broadcaster at RNZ since 2005

Kane Power

Precision Podcasting

Kane Power is a podcaster, audio engineer, & consultant. His business, Precision Podcasting, helps people & businesses transform ideas into high quality, compelling audio content that enhances engagement, reputation, and digital presence.

Kirsten Johnstone

Pop Sock Media

Kirsten Johnstone co-runs podcast production company Popsock Media, alongside Melody Thomas. Kirsten crafted stories and audio for 15 years at RNZ, where she was part of the founding teams for Music 101 and Song Crush.

Lewis Tennant

Verbal Highs

Lewis Tennant is a teacher, media producer, journalist, and podcaster. He is a lecturer at AUT’s School of Communication Studies, where he designed & now runs a dedicated podcasting course. Lewis produces & hosts Verbal Highs, a conversational podcast.

Mark Cubey

Master of Ceremonies

Mark Cubey is a media producer, organiser, and commentator. His career has included producing Saturday Morning with Kim Hill, managing and hosting shows on Wellington’s Radio Active, co-founding Loop Magazine, & curating the NZ Readers and Writers Festival.

Melody Thomas

Pop Sock Media

Melody Thomas is a writer and podcast maker. She created sex & sexuality podcast BANG!, and is currently working on a book based on the series. Melody is co-director of Popsock Media, a podcasting company focusing on beautiful & impactful storytelling.

Olivia Shivas


Olivia Shivas is a journalist & digital producer at Stuff. She, Rebecca Dubber, & Grace Stratton produced What’s Wrong With You, ‘a podcast about disability that tackles the tricky questions disabled people are asked, often by random strangers on the street’.

Richard Palmer

Omny Studio

Richard Palmer is Director of Market Development at Triton Digital, the parent company of Omny studio. He works with content creators, publishers, & buyers, to grow their understanding and reach with digital audio.

Tim Batt


Tim Batt is Content Development Director for Acast New Zealand. He also co-hosts The Worst Idea of All Time (NZ’s most downloaded podcast @ 18m+). He founded the Little Empire Podcast Network (2017) and has produced shows for RNZ and Audible.

Tim Burnell


Tim Burnell is Commissioning Manager for RNZ. The RNZ Commissioning team focus on the creation of new, interesting, and innovative content for New Zealand audiences, providing funding and broader support for commissioned content.

Tim Provise

The Provise Project

Tim Provise is a prolific content creator, Twitch streamer, podcaster, and broadcaster. He hosts The Provise Project podcast & the pie aficionado series Bakery Run on YouTube. He Clark Kents as an intermediate teacher.

Vaughn Davis

The Goat Farm

Vaughn Davis is the creative director and owner of advertising and social media agency, The Goat Farm. His advertising career spans TV to outdoor, digital to radio, PR to social. He’s also a regular contributor & commentator on TV, radio, and in print.

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